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About Packaging

Someone asked:"Why are the most beautiful things in life so fragile?”, I don’t know, but our vase is fragile I know, So in order for our goods to Arrived in front of you unscathed,we have adopted a four-layer package:

  1.  Wrapping paper: To prevent surface from scratching and abrasion;
  2.  ABF (Air Bubble Film): To protect the product and cope with bumps during transportation;
  3.  EPS board (expanded polystyrene board): To Strengthen protection and withstand external impact;
  4. Corrugated Carton: outer packaging to prevent internal damage.   
  5. For some products, we will also use wooden boxes or wooden bars to ensure the safety of transportation.


All porcelain and ceramic products, including vases and flowerpots, we will pack them in the most stable way, which is composed of wrapping paper, ABF, EPS board and corrugated carton to ensure that the products you receive are the same as those we sent out. once the goods weight more then 15 kg or goods value more then 200 USD, we will package with the wooden boxes or wooden bars.


The above protective measures can control the damage rate of the product to 2-5%. We hope to create a good shopping experience for you. Do our best to give your purchase the best protection.

    About Logistics

    We know very well that you want to get the product soon after you spent time to choose, so once the order is generated, we will arrange the production and shipment as soon as possible. We have some products that have been completed, but some products need to be produced based on your requirements, there is one thing i am sure that within one business day after you place your order, we will contact you to let you know our shipping arrangements, and in order to decrease the missing risk, pls let me know your number, deliveryman will send you message to inform you to pick the package up.

    We also deliver worldwide and currently offer an International Delivery Service, usually to speak, all the package will delivery within 2 weeks, some of country delivery within 1 week. 


    About Track

    For maximum peace of mind, all orders are sent with tracking. You can easily track your order on the relevant courier website with the tracking code we automatically send to you on your shipping confirmation.

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