About Us

Our Story

At the beginning, we only engaged in the production and manufacturing of vases, and then sold our products to our channel suppliers. Our products were very popular in the Asian market because of the good quality and competitive price. and then, with the rise of e-commerce, we were no longer satisfied with the distribution mode of only providing products to our suppliers, so we decided not to be the off-stage hero, We have the advantages of our supply chain, and combined with considerate service, to carry out online sales, so in 2019, BestVase was established. Although our products are not just vases, this brand can let us always remember that we were originally a manufacturer of vases, beautiful and elegant.

Our Vision

Customers always like good products and good services. We have been working hard for this. This is our principle. Customers are equal with us. We hope that our customers can get along with like our friends, support each other, identify each other and develop together.

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